Once more with feeling

Hello, thank you so much for paying Peaches and Scream a visit! If you’re curious, there is a bit more about what I do and who I am here. This is my first post in this this new incarnation of my wee blog, which I’m entering into with both excitement and trepidation, so I am extra appreciative of your company today!

I actually created Peaches and Scream back in early 2018 after attending a free ‘blogging about mental health workshop’. I loved writing but….I don’t know….there was something missing, something about it that wasn’t quite…authentic. It started as a self-created cosy corner where I could be fully honest about my experience of mental illness and the challenges of living a creative life as a woman in her late 30s. However, everything I posted was about vague concepts or other people’s experiences, while I danced tentatively around my own truth. Then it naturally – and inevitably – fizzled out.

Despite this, the ideas and inspirations are constantly knocking at the door. I still find myself scribbling down notes or recording voice memos so that an insight doesn’t slip into thin air. It feels important that I carve out a proper home for my own story. So my resolution for 2020 is to reinvigorate Peaches and Scream and nurture it in a fearless and wholehearted way.

I plan to be here every Monday and Thursday, for no other reason than those are days of the week I quite like – they both have an air of possibility and optimism about them, which I like to think describes me too! I really hope you’ll stick with me to create conversations and connections as I repurpose this little space of mine.

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