Thanks so much for visiting me here at Peaches and Scream! I’m Marie, – a musician/songwriter/performer, college student (of the ‘mature’ variety apparently!), mum to 6 year old Flynn and married to Kev. I’m also a youth worker at a mental health charity and the social media coordinator at a small peer support project in Glasgow.

I’ve actually found that having a handful of different work commitments and personal projects is perfect for keeping me feeling motivated and purposeful. I’ve always struggled to find the right balance, especially after I became a mum, and my mental health issues became more unpredictable. My current situation helps pay the bills and is good for my mind and my family life. I feel really grateful for it and, now that I’ve found what works, I’m trying to be a little more intentional about how I use my time and energy.

Well, that’s what I do but as for who I am? Absolutely driven by creativity, NOT a morning person, a 90s Britpop obsessive, lover of alternative fashion, highly impatient, a feminist, a socialist, angered by inequality, sometimes a bit stuck in my ways, a typical Virgo and a proud Glaswegian with a little bit of my heart belonging to Edinburgh (yes, I prefer salt and sauce).

One of my main motivations for writing the blog is that I live with some mental health conditions which can make things difficult, especially when it comes to sustaining a creative way of life, and being consistent and motivated more generally. I’ve experience a lot of stimga – a lot of it I’ve inflicted on myself in all honesty – and I feel that writing is a way to break that a little. I want to share/explore ways of creating and making things happen, whilst managing a mental illness. I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to ‘fight it off’ in order to reach my goals, but more recently I am slowly getting better at moving with it and through it. I’m working on understanding and harnessing the ebb and flow of mental health in a positive way.

I plan to be here every Monday and Thursday, for no other reason than those are days of the week I quite like – they both have an air of possibility and optimism about them, which I like to think describes me too!

I hope you’ll stop by this little space I’m creating. See you soon!